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Year 5

We would like to welcome all the children back to St Martin’s for the start of another exciting year. We hope you all had a great Summer. The children have arrived back looking very smart, happy and full of enthusiasm. This year 5W will be taught by Miss White and 5R will be taught by Miss Rider.

We will start the Term by studying the Properties and definitions of materials in Science and castles in our Topic work. We have lots of great activities planned and we are hoping to take the children to visit one of the local castles in Herefordshire. They will also be looking at a number of different practical science investigations throughout the term.

P.E. will take place twice a week.

5W will have P.E on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons

5R will have P.E on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Please ensure that children bring the correct kit into school for their activity. Please make sure it is clearly named.

In English we will be looking at a range of writing styles including both fiction and non-fiction. Our Reading for meaning book this term will be Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. Alongside this children will have daily Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar sessions. Reading is also a very important skill and continues to be a priority. Support from home is essential to encourage progress and interest so we would urge you to hear your child read as often as possible, giving them the opportunity to talk about what they have read and discuss such things as characters, settings, plots and storylines to help with their understanding.

In Maths, we will be focusing on place value as well as addition and subtraction of five and six digit numbers. There will be lots of emphasis on investigating and using skills and problem solving.

Your child will be given a list of Spellings to be learnt over the week and tested on a Wednesday. They will also be expected to know all their times tables facts up to 12X12, if this is something you know your child finds difficult we urge you to help them work on this as knowledge of these facts is essential to so many other areas of their Number work.

We enjoy meeting parents and feel communication is an important factor in making sure your child is happy, secure and successful at school. We are happy to meet with you to discuss anything you feel is important, a few minutes after school is welcomed.

Finally, we would like to thank you in advance for your support and co-operation and look forward to meeting you all this term.                     

Miss White and Miss Rider