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St Martin's Primary School

Student Voice

The children were voted by the members of their class to represent them on the school council and initial meetings have begun. The School Council will work alongside Mr Wilson and we look forward to seeing what they will do around school. Keep checking here for updates...

So far this year!

In student voice we have been working on how to make the school a better place. We have had many ideas from many of the younger pupil voice members.

We have started 3 out of all the different ideas from around the school (litter picking, playground buddies and taking out the sports equipment for playtimes on the KS2 playground). Many of the KS1 children love the Year 6’s (each day) and Year 5’s (only on Monday) coming around to play with them in the KS1 playground.

We have loads of ideas that we would love to start. Just to name some we have: sorting out the pond, teachers as referees, more sports equipment and new basketball hoops.

The student voice members walk around with dark blue and gold badges on their jumpers/ cardigans which say student voice, so we can be recognised more easily by other pupils.


Student Voice members:

Year 6:

6W- Annabelle, Patrycja

6RC- Phoebe, Razvan

Year 5:

5P- Olivia, Ruby

5H- Sean, Sriya

Year 4:

4J- Maria, Emma

4W- Ava, Riley

Year 3:

3P- Libby, Noah

3T- Zach, Mya

Year 2:

2MW- Thomas, Faith

2C- Florence, Sam

Year 1:

1H- Lily, Gerard

1DL- Arthur, Alicia