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Hello and welcome to Reception.

The Teachers in Reception are Mrs Ball and Miss Jones and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Keen and Mrs Andrews.

During your child's time in Reception we will work from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) document. This means our curriculum is split into 7 areas of development that the adults will observe your children in and plan their next steps. Most of their learning is child-initiated, however some aspects of the day are adult- directed to ensure all aspects of the curriculum are met.

We have access to our indoor and outdoor provision for majority of the day and whatever the weather we love exploring the outdoors. So please ensure a coat is provided each day for your child.


The first weeks have been focusing on getting to know one another and introducing routines.The children have made a tremendous start to Reception and have settled well into the routine of our day. They are engaged in the environment and undertake the challenges in which this sets.

This term in:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – The children will be encouraged to separate from their adult and begin to take responsibility for hanging their belongings up and putting their book bags in their tray. We will also be focusing on learning each other's names and making new friendships.  


Communication and Language –  The children will be focusing on their listening and attention skills for carpet times and group activities, following our 'good sitting cards'. We shall also begin to develop their speaking and listening skills through our VIP show and tell bag, asking the children to explain why they have bought in their chosen item and encourage the children to ask questions about the items. 


Physical Development –  The children will begin the year with lots of fine motor activities such as threading, play dough and using tweezers to build their small hand movements in preparation for mark making. They will also get numerous daily opportunities to explore the outside environment to develop their gross motor skills such as running, jumping, catching and climbing. We will also shortly begin PE from week 4 and so please can you all ensure your child has their PE kit in school. 


Maths – The children have begun taking part in daily maths lessons. They are 20 minute daily sessions that consist of a number rhyme and a maths focus. In the first half-term we are focusing on counting activities and practicing counting forwards and backwards to 20. We will explore a number of the week each week and focus on securing the recognition and value of each of these numbers. 


Understanding of the World–  Each morning we have a circle time following on from registration in which we discuss the day of the week and the weather. We also have a lovely investigative area in our outside environment where the children can explore the sunflowers, go on the hunt for mini-beast and investigate the bug hotel. Within our inside environment we also have an investigative area where the children can explore our map of the world, discuss observations they have made about the wormery and discover books about the worlds environment and animals.  


Literacy- Since starting Reception we have been very busy in Literacy, with many different focuses already; settling in, all about me, hands are not for hitting and our five senses. We have each shared an 'all about me' bag with our class, discussing 4 items that are special to us.Thank you to all Parents for your support with this! This was an excellent activity to encourage speaking in front of a group and listening to others. We have also been discussing positive behaviour that we should show in school and discussed positive actions towards our peers. We are currently learning about 'our 5 senses' exploring different smells, experimenting with different tastes, focusing on the sounds we can hear within our environment, what we use our sense of touch for through out our day and taking a moment to use our sense of sight to notice the world around us. The next few weeks we will look at our families, celebrate Grand parents day, explore different seasons as we change into Autumn and celebrate Halloween. 

The children have also began Phase 2 phonics and you will notice they are beginning to recognise some sounds in the environment and read some key words. The children are very keen to read within school and eager to earn a Rainbow Reader certificate. After 5 reads a week your child will recieve a rainbow reader certificate. If your child has 5 certificates they are then able to choose a book to keep!


Expressive Art and Design–  Through our open ended environment the children have the opportunity to paint, construct and use collage to create simple models and art pieces. They are encouraged to talk about their ideas and construct with a purpose in mind. The children are also given the opportunity to express themselves through role play, small world, and music. The curriculum can be messy when it is enjoyed to the full, we appreciate your support and understanding that whilst we encourage aprons and protective clothing to be worn the children don’t always share our enthusiasm. 


 Just a few reminders:

Please if you have any concerns or worries please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

Please make sure all clothing that your child wears to school are named, it makes it much easier to trace if things get mislaid. 

Please can the children bring their book bag every day so we can record the reading that we do with them in school and continue to practice their key words. 

With the unpredictable weather during the Autumn term please can you ensure you send a coat with your child each day. 

Many thanks

 Mrs Ball and Miss Jones


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