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St Martin's Primary School

Breakfast  and Kids Club (after school)

Breakfast Club

St Martin's Breakfast Club is a FREE drop-in service. There is no need to book. We are open daily (term time only) from 7:40am until 8:40am. As we all know, a good breakfast can help your children get the best start to their day at school. In partnership with Aip, we offer a substantial and healthy menu at very reasonable prices. Parents/carers, you are very welcome to join your children for breakfast if you wish. 

breakfast menu 2021.pdf

Kids Club - After School 

Kids’ Club runs every school day from 3.15 – 5:15pm for all children in St Martin’s from our reception class to year 6. It costs £2.50 an hour and £1:25 per part hour. 

We offer a fruit and orange juice snack about 20 minutes after the children arrive. Each day we have a variety of sports and activities that the children choose from or they can play with the wide range of toys and games available.

Though they don’t realise it Kids’ Club offers a great learning opportunity in so many ways. They learn to mix with all ages; to play in groups and team games; to take turns and to share. They play inside and outside with the wide range of toys and games put out each day. They can also learn through the range of activities that we offer daily from arts and crafts to cooking, gardening, science, geography, music, maths - and all through play!